High Value Shipping

high value shipping

When you must relocate high-value items, it is very important to make the best decisions. Many people hear “high value” and think of diamonds or the Mona Lisa. However, in shipping, anything worth over $100.00 per pound is considered “high value.” Many moving guides suggest you carry such items with you personally. But that is not always an option. Sometimes, a high-value item is too big to carry. Sometimes you yourself are not going to be traveling at all. Additionally, many such items are fragile or require special care in packing, crating, and transportation.

If you are in need of packing and shipping services for any type of high-value item, you can get a quick, accurate shipping quote right now by calling Pack and Post at 855.322.9684, or you can use our handy form. You can even email us a picture of any unusual item, to give us a good idea of the exact nature of your needs. We can recommend and estimate custom packing and special transportation options. We will get you an accurate, thoughtful shipping quote within 24 hours.

High value items are, by definition, expensive and valuable. Insuring them correctly is very important, and the coverage must be adequate. In discussing items with great value that are not antiques or artworks, it is still important to know the fair market and replacement values. Although you may have purchased an item for a price in the last ten years, it is possible its value has increased. If you are moving an item to auction to sell, an estimate may be the best way to go. Many high-value items are involved in business and industry, and these must be carefully insured, as well. If you are unsure of the exact value of an item, we can provide you with professional appraisers who are fully certified, are specialists in their fields, have access to thousands of auction records, and who can provide accurate documentation that will stand up to insurance or legal investigation.

Valuable Items

Anything worth over $100 a pound is considered “high-value”, and we know that many items can be worth thousands of dollars per pound, and even more. Whatever it is, we feel confident that we can help make arrangements for it to ship safely and securely.

  • Antiques and Fine Art
  • Jewelry, watches, perfumes
  • Coins and other fine collections
  • Securities and debentures
  • Scientific, medical, and industrial equipment
  • Medications, legal drugs, organs
  • Collectible and pop culture items, such as signed vinyl albums
  • Cars, sport bikes, yachts, vehicles
  • Exquisite china, porcelain, glassware, and crystal
  • Historically significant items, artifacts, relics, and antiquities
  • Manuscripts, contracts, industrial information on a hard drive, for example
  • High-end clothing and designer accessories
  • Fine Wine, spices like saffron, and other precious consumables


  • White Glove Service

    This is the same level of care we use for museums. Extreme and conscientious care that takes into consideration all the environmental and handling factors that might damage items.
  • Expedited Service

    In some cases, you may want your item packed and moved quickly. We will provide overnight and other expedited shipping.
  • Custom containment

    For larger items, we can custom-build crates from corrugated cardboard or wood, with double-walls or reinforced padding, to suit any item. We have a variety of padding materials, including acid-free paper. If an item needs controlled humidity or temperature, we can allow for that. We also employ lock boxes and safes.
  • Any location or method

    Same Day, Overnight, Ground, Air, Rail, and Ocean – whether you need domestic or international shipping, we will have options so you can select the best one for the requirements of your shipment.
  • Full service

    We provide full retrieval and delivery from and to any location. We can come to your museum, antique mall, or home and pack an item to decrease risk of damage and also for heightened security. We can unpack and install at the destination, and take away any packing debris.
  • Documentation

    We can provide full documentation and create a clear record for insurance or legal purposes. This is especially important if you are using a shipping method with multiple legs, such as truck to ship to shore to truck. If the piece is being moved internationally, we can assist with customs. Customs often delays high-value items, and some kinds of items requires special forms and certifications.

Tips for Shipping a High Value Item


One of the most important concerns with high-dollar shipments is keeping them safe from damage and loss. Some carriers will use steel or nylon strapping. Blocks of wood or foam may be used to brace an item to prevent slippage. In some cases, a cargo crate will be suspended above the floor of a van or truck. Synthetic or polyester webbing may be used, and there are even dunnage bags, which are airbags that inflate to hold securely and can be deflated to gently release an item. Method of transport will also dictate how rough or smooth a ride is. In any case, for your most expensive cargo and parcels, we can be sure you are aware of all the options available and help you choose the right one.


Aside from keeping your items safe from physical harm, we also want to keep them safe from loss. Every item you ship considered of high value, you will be asked to list on a declaration of extraordinary value form. Declaring these items helps prevent fraud and protects you and the items. The list should be fairly specific and detailed. If you are working with one of our appraisers, they can advise on the best way to describe such inventory items. Upon both loading and unloading, these items will be carefully checked and re-checked for security. Security tape or seals may be used.

Understand the Needs of the Piece

Valuable items often need special packing. If you are not 100% sure of the nature of your valuable piece, Pack and Post can help through appraisal to determine what its special needs and weaknesses may be. For instance, glass is fragile by nature, but some kinds of older glass and crystal have a different structure or composition, making them more so.

Give Concise Dimensions and Measurements

Be sure to give us precise measurements. We can help calculate and estimate that for you, but getting the details up front helps things run smoothly. Estimating the shipping weight of some pieces can be a challenge, and using a moving weight estimator can help. Weight Estimator This will allow you to give us a good idea of what you need. If you want assistance, give us a call any time; also, let us know if the weight you provide is an estimate and how you arrived at it. Knowing the exact dimensions of your high-dollar shipment allows us to give you the best packing and shipping quote up front. Sometimes an inch in size can mean a different vehicle or kind of crating will be needed for shipping a large item or lot.

Consider Your Shipping Goals

If you need a piece to arrive overnight, one service may be better than another. The kind of goods you are shipping makes a difference, too. For example, extremely large trucks that can carry heavy machinery may not always gain access to residential locations. Be aware of the needs of your item and its materials, since some things can suffer from changes in temperature or humidity. Some items need special care if they will be making an extreme change in altitude. Giving us all the information up front allows us to come up with a good plan.

Learn the Costs

Not all valuable items, but some, can require all kinds of special packing and stability measures. For example, scientific samples might need to be shipped in a vacuum with controlled temperature and with a minimum of vibration. That could add to the base cost of transportation. We will be glad to help you understand the details of any quote we provide.

Obtain Insurance

If there is any mishap in transportation, such as a hurricane or earthquake, you want to be prepared. Make sure you have an adequate insurance based on not just fair market value but also the expense of replacement. A professional appraiser can help and may provide extra services such as filming or photographing your item from every angle, using a magnifying lens when needed. Some shipping carriers have coverage limits, and in some cases you may want to purchase additional insurance for your special item. Understanding the exact value of your piece is important in making insurance decisions. Having professionals help determine the current value precisely can be useful, and Pack and Post can provide help. Although it is unlikely that anything will go wrong with your high-dollar shipment, it is wise to be covered, just in case.

Know the Rules

High-value cargo is of interest in international shipping because countries want to be sure they are getting fair tariffs, levies, or taxes. For this reason, these are often under heavier scrutiny that other items. Be aware of restrictions and regulations that may affect shipping if your piece is going to cross state lines or go to an international destination. Each country will have their own specific export, import, and customs regulations. Duties, taxes, and other fees will also vary depending on the locations involved. You will be asked to provide the country of origin of any piece as well as declare its value and describe it in some detail.

Clear Communication

Because of the high value of your shipment, security may be a major factor in the arrangements. It’s important for everyone involved in a shipment to be aware of the piece and its schedule. For example, if it is being delivered to a museum or auction house, the staff will need to be aware of the arrival and ready to receive it. Someone may be required to inspect the item on its arrival to verify its condition. Let both your shipping carrier or broker know about special requirements up front, and be sure to give them ample contact information, such as cell phone numbers, email, and land line options for all the parties that will be involved. It may be important to have a list of approved people who can handle or access the item, and their pictures available. We can help coordinate this with you.

Types of Companies for High Value Shipping


Shipping with a freight line can be LTL, which means less-than-truckload, indicating that your item will share transport with other items, and may stop at different warehouses and locations along the way.It may be moved from one trailer or truck to another, or moved as other items are loaded and unloaded. You will also hear about truckload freight, which means you have a truck dedicated only to your shipment and it will go straight from the point of origin to the destination. Air Freight moves more quickly than standard freight, but does not necessarily mean it is flown in an aircraft.

Blanket Wrap

A blanket wrap carrier will wrap each item by hand. Any flaws or damage will be noticed immediately, rather than what happens in the case of a package or crate, where it may not be seen until an item is opened. Blanket wrap generally has lower labor costs, and is environmentally friendly, since blankets and equipment are re-used. This is a good option when antiques are involved.

Van Lines

Van lines are often the method of choice for high-value shipping because they can be fortified, as in an “armored car”. Van lines usually use actual vans or trucks which are designed for carrying specific kinds of cargo, but may also employ shipping containers. These will offer packing and crating, but sometimes also allow you the option of doing the packing yourself, although this is more risky. Vans often have special fixtures for handling large and tall crates and items securely, padded walls, and come with specialized equipment for moving heavy and awkward objects. You may also need a climate-controlled van if weather is extreme or if the artwork is sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity, or elevation.

Air, Rail, and Marine Cargo

Sometimes you may want to use one of these options for moving your items. Aircraft will provide a swift ride that is usually smooth with a minimum of bumping around, but it subjects the piece to changes in air temperature and pressure. Rail can be fast or slow, and is usually a smooth ride, but may have air pressure, temperature, and humidity challenges, depending on the route. Marine shipping is not extremely swift, and is usually a smooth ride, but there can be concerns with temperature and shifting on rough seas. In every case, there will be an ideal solution, and Pack and Post can help you find it.

Since Pack and Post is a professional shipping brokerage, we have access to every kind of carrier in the business. We take your information and then look at the big picture with a complete understanding of what is required regarding the shipping of your expensive and valuable items. Most importantly, we are experienced in handling precious and dear items of all types and sizes, and coordinating the entire project from start to finish.

Pack and Post has over 28 years of experience, and all the tools for every job. Security and safety are very important to us. You can relax, confident that every element of the packing, shipping, and even the unpacking and installation at the destination will be considered and allowed for. Call now at 855.322.9684 or use our convenient form for an accurate, rapid, personalized quote!