Fine Art and Antique Shipping Experts

Works of fine art, precious antiques, and antiquities can be the most stressful and challenging items to ship. The value of such pieces depends entirely upon condition, and when packing and shipping, there are many things that can go wrong.

In some cases, you may have had a piece in your family for generations. In other cases, you have finally located a piece you have been seeking for years. You may also be investing through acquisition, or purchasing on behalf of a museum, foundation, or estate. Or you may have just spent years of your life creating a piece that now needs to go to a gallery, show, or new owner.

No matter what the size, weight, or medium, we have the equipment, skills, and knowledge to help, with over 28 years of experience in the business. Experience has led us to understand that each project is different with specific needs and considerations.

If you are in need of packing and shipping services for fine artwork or antique items, you can get a quick, accurate shipping quote right now by calling Pack and Post at 855.322.9684, or you can use our handy form. You can even email us a picture of any particularly large or unusual item, to give us a good idea of the exact nature of your needs. We can recommend and estimate custom crating and special transportation options. We will get you an accurate shipping quote within 24 hours.

High Value Shipping Experience

The worth of fine art and antiques transcends replacement value because many such items are irreplaceable. Many are one of a kind, others may be parts of a limited edition run, while still other things may have been mass produced at some point, but after the years have passed, no one knows how many survive. We are accustomed to handling this kind of quality. We use only professional craftsmen for packing and crating. Your items can be brought to our offices for packing, or we can actually send an expert team to your home, to pack and crate the object on site, minimizing the risk of damage. No matter what the point of origination or destination, we have you covered.

  • Art Galleries
  • Private Collectors
  • Museums
  • National and International Shows
  • Fine Auction Houses
  • University Art Departments
  • Art and Antique Dealers
  • Individual Artists
  • Studios
  • Exhibitions and Fairs


Because of the volatile and fluid nature of the fine art and antique market, it is important to insure items based upon their current value. This is not always easy to determine. There may be no others changing hands on the market for years, so no comparisons can be drawn. Even if other examples are sitting in a museum, their value is still likely to change over time as trends come and go, and as other examples are either discovered or, in some cases, lost forever in floods or fires. If you are unsure of the exact value of an item, we can provide you with professional appraisers.

  • Appraisers are certified
  • Specialists in narrow and obscure fields
  • Access to thousands of auction records
  • Able to provide accurate, legal, and extensive documentation

Fine Art

Fine art is one of the highest achievements of mankind. Paintings on canvas or stone, lithographs and prints, complex etchings, art glass, pottery, carvings, sculptures, mosaics, dioramas, textiles, and more have been created for centuries. Photography and film opened up the field to visual arts, and advancements in technology brought us new ways to store and enjoy music and images. Today, much art is mass produced, making true fine art all that much more precious.

Antiques, Artifacts, and Relics

Some of the most valuable items in the world are those created in the past, whether it be 100 years or 10,000 years ago. They provide glimpses into the past, and remind us of where we come from. They need to be handled with special care because they can never be truly replaced. Time has often taken its toll on the materials, and they are sensitive to humidity, air pressure, and temperature.

High Value Items

Some items are not old or created by hand, but they are extremely valuable. Scientific and medical equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and can be very delicate and fragile. Contemporary jewelry, fashion items, and even limited edition cars and yachts also carry extremely high value. These must be handled and moved with extreme care.


  • White Glove Service

    This is the same level of care we use for museums. It considers fingerprints, dust, humidity, light, and even the air itself as factors that can damage or degrade a work of art.
  • Expedited Service

    In some cases, you may need a precious object or artwork packed and moved quickly for an exhibition or gallery showing. We will provide overnight and other expedited shipping.
  • Custom containment

    We custom build crates from corrugated cardboard or wood, with double-walls or reinforced padding, to suit any item. If an item needs controlled humidity or temperature, we can allow for that.
  • Any location or method

    Same Day, Overnight, Ground, Air, and Ocean – whether you need domestic or international shipping, we have the connections and resources.
  • Full service

    We provide full retrieval and delivery from and to any location. We can pack an item almost in situ to minimize the risk of damage. If the artwork is going into storage, we will make sure it is stored and positioned securely and properly. We are glad to unpack and install artworks at the destinations, as well.
  • Documentation

    We can provide full documentation and create a clear record for insurance or legal purposes. This is especially important if you are using a shipping method with multiple legs, such as truck to ship to shore to truck. If the piece is being moved internationally, we can assist with customs and the forms required.

Pack and Post is a professional shipping brokerage, so we look at the big picture and have a complete understanding of what is required in all these situations regarding priceless and irreplaceable items. Most importantly, we are experienced in handling precious and valuable items of all sizes, and coordinating the entire project from start to finish. Moving fine art and precious antiques is not just about the miles; it is about making sure the shipment is a success on every quantifiable level.

Pack and Post has over 28 years of experience, and all the tools for every job. We are glad to help organize the relocation of your important piece, and pay attention to details. You can relax, confident that every element of the packing, shipping, and relocation has been addressed. No shipment is too small, too large, or too peculiar for us to arrange. Call now at 855.322.9684 or use our convenient, fast form for a personalized quote!