How to Pack, Ship and Protect Original Artwork and Collectibles

According to, Webster’s New World Dictionary defines Rube Goldberg as “a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation.”  The truth is that Rube Goldberg was a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist and last week we were commissioned to pack and ship an original, signed Rube Goldberg drawing from 1945. His drawings were famous for inventing an extraordinarily complicated solution to a simple problem.  The History Channel has done entire episodes of Modern Marvels on his inventions.   Students have formed invention clubs to build Rube’s contraptions. Handling original artwork is one of Pack and Post’s specialties.  The number of original pieces from famous artists we have handled are too numerous to count.   Original artwork packing and crating needs to be handled with great care at all stages of the transaction.  Pack and Post can show up to your home, office, museum, showroom or storage facility.  Our highly trained staff can remove the item safely from its hanging position. We almost always construct crates for original pieces before we show up to do a pickup. The artwork goes straight from the wall into a protected case designed to ensure nothing happens to it during transit. One of the downsides of our business is that we don’t always handle the piece from start to finish.  Many times I wish we did, but there is no way we can personally deliver any item to any corner of the globe.  We can get any item to any corner, but it won’t be me standing on your doorstep.  To handle this we work with a myriad of reputable carriers. One of the biggest advantages of working with Pack and Post is the fact that you get your choice of so many carriers.  We know which carriers are good in what locations.  And more important, we know who to avoid.  This means that once your item leaves our hands,  you can still trust that the piece will be taken care of as it travels to its final destination.  We can also arrange for white glove installation on the other side.  Our professionals can unpack, re-hang the artwork and remove all the debris.  Call us today for help with our original artwork services.

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