Less Than Truckload (LTL) Freight Shipping


LTL Overview

What is an LTL shipment? Every shipping company, carrier, and broker seems to have a different definition. In general though, an LTL shipment may be up to 8′ wide, 20′ in length, and up to 20,000 lbs. These limits represent a little less than half of the capacity of a standard 53′ trailer. Most LTL freight is palletized, but some carriers will transport items that are not palletized, provided that they are packaged in a way that they can be handled via forklift, pallet jack, or hand truck (for example, a wooden crate, road case, or an item with built in skids). Some items (such as long surfboards and paddleboards) are too large to be transported by small parcel carrier, but are light enough to be handled by hand so they do not require palletization.

If your shipment is larger or heavier than these limits, you may need a partial/volume truck rate, or a flatbed/specialty trailer. Both of these options are more similar to a truckload freight option where pricing is quoted based on mileage or mileage and volume, as opposed to weight and class.

What can be transported via LTL?

Freight Class


Pricing and Accessorials

Pallet Pricing

LTL Freight Packaging

Tips on Shipping LTL Freight

On the delivery end we can arrange for curbside delivery for those who are budget conscience, threshold delivery under a carport or in a driveway, inside delivery into a garage or warehouse, or even white glove delivery.  White glove services include unpacking, room of choice placement, and debris removal. We have even coordinated the transportation of an antique statue to a vacation residence where we arranged for it to be installed in the center of an ornate French fountain.  When it comes to packing, crating, shipping, or freight, we do it all!