Air Freight

If your delivery is time-sensitive, or if your small to medium package must be shipped over a long distance, Air Freight is the perfect choice. For over twenty years, Pack and Post has handled shipments of every shape and size, from heavy machinery to delicate antiques. Pack and Post will find the best option for your shipment. Please note that space is a major factor when shipping via air, so it is crucial to have the correct dimensions for your shipments.


Shipping Air Freight on Cargo Aircraft

Pack and Post represents many different air cargo carriers. Our team strives to find the carrier best suited to your individual needs. FedEx, UPS, and DHL are just a few of our carriers.

Shipping Air Freight on Passenger Aircraft

Because we are not an Indirect Air Carrier, Pack and Post only uses cargo air carriers for air freight. The TSA’s Known Shipper Program was enacted in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001, to ensure the safety of passenger air carriers. Only verified businesses can ship cargo on passenger airlines. Because the Known Shipper Program directly affects national security, its requirements and protocols are considered to be sensitive. If you would like information on becoming an Known Shipper, please contact us directly.

Tips for Shipping via Air Freight

  • Make sure to check the size and weight restrictions. Many airlines have restrictions that are smaller than those of truck freight.
  • On a similar note, requirements for hazardous materials shipped via air are different from those regarding hazardous materials in surface transportation. Be sure that you are in compliance with these regulations before sending any dangerous goods such as aerosols, flammable substances, toxic substances, etc.
  • If shipping to an international destination, remember to check customs requirements and prohibited commodities.
  • Note that the cargo may be subjected to drastic changes in temperature and pressure. This is especially critical when shipping delicate items, such as antiques and electronics.
  • Proper packing is essential in air freight. We at Pack and Post will do all we can to make sure that your shipment arrives safely.