Having exported more than $328 billion to 2012 alone, Europe is a huge importing partner for the U.S. The fact is, due to its prominence as the largest single market in the world, if you’re looking to create a global marketplace for your business, Europe should be a top destination.

Whether you are shipping heavy equipment, machinery, electronics, art, antiques, or furniture, Pack and Post is your US to Europe shipping company! We have been shipping to Europe for 30 years, and we know our business!

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Shipping to Europe – by Country

There are a total of 50 countries and/or recognized states within the boundaries of Europe, each with their own unique shipping systems and guidelines. Please choose your destination country from the list below for more detailed information.

  • Pending Country List

Shipping Companies – Parcel Couriers

Here is a list of companies that ship small parcels to Europe. Each company has their own strengths and weaknesses, and different rules and requirements. Let Pack and Post help you select the best carrier for your particular shipment.


FedEx is a great choice for shipping items to any (or all) of the 50 European countries. Shipping services are handled through FedEx International, which provides a wide range of shipping options depending on your needs.

Fastest-Delivery Possible provides next available flight options to most major destinations around the globe, including Europe, as well as early-day delivery. For a detailed list, be sure to take a look at their postal code list. Additional options include 1, 2, or 3-business day service using FedEx International Priority, and delivery within five businesses days through FedEx International Economy.

FedEx supplies customers with document assistance through their Document Preparation Center, which includes many of the most common forms needed when shipping to Europe. If you’re pressed for time and need to know details about a specific European country, take a look at the FedEx Rates and Transit Times tool. Also, their FedEx vs. UPS Service Chart is a handy tool when comparing the two shipping companies.


Headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, UPS’s European operation provides delivery services to a total of 60 countries and territories throughout the continent.

European shipping is handled through UPS International, which offers a wide range of International shipping options, including delivery times ranging anywhere from two to five+ days. For emergency situations, they also provide Express Critical service, which will have your package in Europe on the earliest available flight. *It’s important to note that their basic service, UPS Standard, is only available between the 48 continental U.S. states, Canada, and Mexico.

Worldwide Express and Worldwide Saver are good options if you need faster delivery. They also include standard customs clearance. However, UPS charges any associated brokerage fees, duties, and taxes directly to the importer, so keep this in mind.

If you’re thinking about shipping small parcels to Europe through UPS, be sure to read their FAQ first “Become an expert at exporting,” which also includes links to export verification, forms, and regulation tools.

While UPS does not offer document assistance, they do provide an in-depth explanation of how to fill out some of the most common documents in their International Shipping Guide. UPS also offers several useful tools for managing your shipments to Europe, including UPS TradeAbility and their free WorldShip software.


As the largest logistics company in the world, DHL provides a wide variety of shipping services to Europe through DHL Express. Emergency options include: Next flight out through DHL Jetline, dedicated vehicle through DHL Sprintline, and high-value service through DHL Sprintline. Time definite options include delivery by 9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., and 12:00 p.m. DHL Express Worldwide provides delivery by the end of the next possible business day, and DHL Express Envelope is a great option for shipping documents weighing up to 10 oz to Europe.

In order to avoid any delays, DHL provides a European Import Control System support page, and their Capability Tool allows you to quickly check European transit times and rates.

Though not all options apply, DHL provides a suite of optional services when shipping parcels to Europe.


USPS can be another good choice for sending small parcels to Europe, especially if you are shipping something lightweight and inexpensive. First-Class Package International Parcel service is a really cheap option if your parcel is under 4 lbs, under $400 value, less than 24″ long, and with less than 36″ total length+depth+height.

Express Mail (42″ max length, 79″ max length plus girth combined) is also an option for faster service. Up to 20 lbs, an Express Mail Flat Rate Box may be your ticket.

If your parcel is between 4 and 20 lbs, Medium or Large Priority Mail International Flat Rate boxes may be a good choice. USPS Priority Mail International is a good option for shipping parcels to Europe that weigh less than 70 pounds, as long as you don’t mind waiting 6-10 days for your package to arrive at its destination. It’s important to note that tracking outside of the U.S. is only available through their Priority service. Also, if your parcel is large but light, this could be cheaper than the flat rate.

If you’d like additional information, here is a great overview. Have a question about the variety of European shipping options through the USPS? Take a look at their services and prices comparison page.

LTL Freight Carriers

FedEx Freight

While FedEx Freight does not provide LTL shipping services to Europe, their Trade Networks does act as a freight forwarder—meaning they act as a logistical intermediary between you and your various European shipping solutions. The company offers both air and ocean options, in addition to advisory services.

The FedEx WorldTariff® site is a fantastic tool to access full tax/duty information for more than 175 countries, and their Global Trade Data can be invaluable if you ship large amounts of goods to Europe on a regular basis.

UPS Freight

For European destinations, UPS provides two day-definite air freight options: UPS Air Freight Direct, and UPS Air Freight Consolidated. Air Freight Direct is useful when your shipment weighs more than 150 pounds, and you need a delivery time within one to three-days, while Consolidated might be a better option if you can wait three to five-days.


Con-Way’s Global LTL Freight provides day-definite delivery solutions to 414 points across 39 European countries. LTL shipments are sent from three major gateways; JFK International Airport, Los Angeles, and Miami, which arrive in Liege, Belgium, through Con-Way’s partnership with TNT Express.

R+L Carriers

R+L Global Logistics provides international shipping by air and by sea.


Estes provides air freight and LCL ocean solutions through their Estes Forwarding Worldwide subsidiary. Air freight options include next flight out and hand-couriered service.

Ocean Carriers


Maersk Lines is the largest ocean carrier in the world. The company is more than 100 years old, employs more than 100,000 people, serves 130 destinations around the globe, and boasts more than 600 vessels.

Maersk Line’s shipping schedule can be found here, and tariff information here.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

As the second largest ocean freight company, it’s surprising that Mediterranean Shipping’s site doesn’t give in-depth coverage like some of the other ocean carriers, though their worldwide routes page provides a brief overview. However, if you have a specific question about shipping goods from port A to port B, their schedule may be a good place to start.


Operating a fleet of 414 vessels, third-largest CMA-CGM provides container shipping services to ports all around the world, including Europe.

Import Duties and Taxes

European Import Control System (ICS)

As of January 1, 2011, the European Union implemented the Import Control System, whose aim it is to create a streamlined, paperless importing process. As a result, the number of forms to complete when exporting goods to Europe has been reduced, though the remaining forms, such as the Entry Summary Declaration have increased in importance.

European Harmonized Tariffs – Duty and Tax Values

The United States is partnered with the European Union to utilize a harmonized tariff schedule, which often makes shipping to or between EU members much more straightforward. A good overview of the benefits can be found here.

Gift Shipments

Gifts shipped from the U.S. to European Union countries are duty and tax-free as long as they are valued less than 45 Euros. Here is a good article explaining how to ship small parcels to Europe while avoiding taxes and duties.

Customs Brokerage

Mail and Small Parcel Shipments

For any items subject to duty or tax, most major carriers provide in-built customs brokerage services, the costs for which are typically passed along to the consumer.

When shipping to Europe, FedEx rates are similar to those from UPS. See the Clearance Entry Fee and Ancillary Clearance Service Fee sections of the FedEx Fees schedule. The FedEx Advancement/Disbursement fee is 2% with a minimum of $6.50.

DHL provides European customs brokerage services, and charges a 2.5% disbursement fee with a minimum of $7.00. This is not documented on their website.

Freight Shipments

Most US – Europe freight carriers do not provide customs brokerage services. Instead, the importer typically hires a licensed customs broker to clear the shipment. FedEx Trade Networks and UPS Customs Broker are good choices when shipping with those carriers, or even when shipping with another carrier. We’ve been shipping goods to Europe for a long time, so contact us if you have questions about hiring a European Customs Broker.

US Export Requirements

According to the European Trade Commission, “the European Union and the United States have the largest bilateral trade relationship in the world.” They offer an exhaustive look at general and specific requirements, import tariffs, and a list of countries with which free trade agreements exist.

A complete list of common European export documents can also be found through the website.

Tips to Save Money when Shipping to Europe

  • Select the best shipping carrier based on each company’s specific strengths and pricing methods.
  • Make sure you have considered all duties, taxes, brokerage, and miscellaneous fees. For a fast, free estimate on shipping items to Europe, contact us.
  • Check for any required licenses or permits and make sure that you are not shipping a prohibited item.
  • Consider having your item shipped to Europe directly from the US manufacturer. If the manufacturer ships frequently, they already know the associated costs and pitfalls, and may be able to get you a great shipping rate.

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